Thursday, 21 November 2013

Final events of The Tree of Life Project as we look back (in a PowerPoint Presentation) at the highlights of the week.

The Tree of Life Project is nearly over.

Below you can see some of the wonderful highlights we have experienced this week. If you have missed out on ToL - the all inclusive end of year event - so far, please check the program above.

We are having a wonderful poetry reading on Saturday afternoon at The Known World Bookshop, 14 Sturt Street, Ballarat. This has been organised by the well-known Ballarat identity, Barry Breen who has been Poet in Residence at The Art Gallery of Ballarat this year. Joining him will other published poets from Ballarat, Lorraine McGuigan and Ross Gillette.

Two requests we have if you attend the poetry reading at The Known World - please take an interest in the wonderful collections of books there and please purchase a coffee. Otherwise the event is free. The Known World, under its chatelaine Michelle, is a favourite place of mine. I think if we were like the British or Americans, Australia would have made a movie about it. Comments have been made about the smallness of the bookshop - but I think this is part of the charm. Sure, if you all come the poets may have to speak louder and you may have to spill onto the footpath - but my theory is that people - if crowded yet comfy and cosy - think they are having a great time.

 After the poetry, we make a bee-line for the Conservatory at Ballarat Botanical Gardens for the finale of The Tree of Life Project. There will be music from Like Honey and a multi-cultural repast across the courtyard in the Robert Clarke Center. Please enjoy. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this event - in Ballarat, Creswick and in Trentham. We've loved every minute.

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