Thursday, 12 October 2017

Victoria's Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill - Religions protest

Pressure is mounting on state MPs as they prepare to debate controversial voluntary euthanasia laws next week.

The pro and anti campaigns are ramping up their efforts, with voting on the bill to begin as early as next Thursday.

More than 120 doctors from around the state intervened on Wednesday, writing to all 127 parliamentarians, urging the politicians to "reduce the suffering" of terminally ill Victorians by voting in support of the euthanasia laws.

The doctors' intervention came as a coalition of religious leaders launched a united campaign on Wednesday, pushing for a no-vote.

Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs and Christians gathered on the steps of Victorian Parliament to deliver a statement opposing the laws to Deputy Premier James Merlino.

The material for this post has been taken from Ballarat's daily newspaper, The Courier.

For more information on what is being considered/proposed by the Victorian Govt,
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Editor's Note:
With Voluntary Assisted Dying, people are being offered an option.
There are particular safeguards on the manner of carrying out the option.
Those with conscientious objections have their objections respected.
The role of palliative care is neither overlooked nor is it excluded. 

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