Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sink Down to the Seed - spiritual renewal at the Quaker Centre, Silver Wattle

Sink Down to the Seed 
(led by Sheila Keane & Drew Thomas) 
is coming up at Silver Wattle on 23 Feb - 1 March.

Sheila Keane

Drew Thomas

The course is based on this quote from Isaac Pennington, and begins with an inward emphasis on spiritual renewal. Then, grounded in that spiritual base, it leads you through a discernment process to guide and reinvigorate your authentic life’s work.

In other words, it’s about spirit led living. Or, as Isaac says,

Give over thine own willing;
give over thine own running;
give over thine own desiring
to know or to be anything;
and sink down to the seed
which God sows in the heart,
and let that grow in thee, 
and be in thee,
and breathe in thee,
and act in thee,
and thou shalt find by sweet experience
that the Lord knows that,
and loves and owns that,
and will lead it to
the inheritance of life,
which is its portion.

Isaac Pennington 1661

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