Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Shana Tova to all our Jewish Friends - Rosh Hashana begins to-day. May it herald in a Year of Peace for all.

Brigid's friend Avraham - who is a member of COMMON - has sent a greeting for Rosh Hashana

Dear family and friends,

As I prepare for Jewish New Year at sunset today (Wednesday) and enter 3 sacred days and nights (where I would hardly even know if there was an election in Australia!), I take this opportunity to be wishing you a year full of wonderful health, happiness, personal growth and peace throughout the world unconditional love - for Rosh Hashana and the entire year ahead, and the well-being to be well on Saturday week, the fast of Yom Kippur. 

In the spirit of the introspection and renewal of this sacred season, I ask you for forgiveness for any wrong that I have committed to you - whether knowingly, or unknowingly...

And to lighten your hearts, I have included below 4 entertaining Shana Tova greetings, recorded through the wonders of our technology - I hope at least one makes you smile!

Shana Tova u'Metuka

GREETINGS 1 and 2 - These 2 links are old and new Shana Tova greetings - from where I once-upon-a-time studied to be a Rabbi - yes! The name of the place is Yeshiva Aish haTorah 
Dance along - if you can keep up...
This is a wonderful Shana Tova greeting - in song!... from regular Israeli's - not in the Yeshiva world!
GREETING 4 - And finally for a most profound demonstration of the traditional Jewish practise of dipping an apple into honey to represent our desire for a sweet new year, I have found no better than the following...
(in case you are wondering, the true practise is to use the fruit and NOT the featured items!)

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  1. Dear "Beside The Creek",
    As this is the last posting I will do before the sun sets fully today, I thank you for sharing my message above. I didn't know a photo was being included, and now wish to point out that my "tefillin" headset had slipped from the centre of my forehead in this photo that Brigid has located. Perhaps it is a good reminder of the slips we all make - and how I must be more diligent in my efforts with others. By the way, Tefillin are not worn by Jews on the Festivals (like Rosh Hashannah) or Sabbath - today's symbol is the ram's horn - which we sound... to take us to moments of introspection and inspiration!
    May you all be blessed, "Shana Tova", Avraham


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