Sunday, 29 June 2014

An invitation to an interfaith women's lunch ---- Lajna Imalliah Victoria, the women's auxiliary of Amadiyyah Muslim Association ---- Saturday 23 August 2014

Ballarat Interfaith Network (BIN) has received an invitation to lunch.  :Please note it is a women only lunch.

The invitation comes from Lajna Imalliah Victoria, the Women's Auxiliary of the  Amadiyyah Muslim Association of Australia.

At the moment BIN is considering two options to enable attendance at the lunch from Ballarat people.

  •  Firstly, if there are sufficient numbers we would consider hiring a bus.  There would be a financial contribution required from attendees if this option was tajken.
  • Secondly, if numbers are few we would be car-pooling.
Needless to say, for either option we would need you to be in touch for this.  You can do this by emailing  

It is suggested that, if you are coming to the lunch, you follow the RSVP instructions in the flyer published below"

RSVP by 10 August 2014.
Contact: Khola Usman on 0449 665 263 or Sabia Waheed on 0450 156 180

and be in touch with us at the email address above.  Further information about Amadiyyah is published below so that you can be well informed prior to the lunch.

If you can't see the flyer,
please click on the title bar and it will come up.

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