Sunday, 22 June 2014

Methodist Church in Fiji comes out in support of a free West Papua

Good news from Fiji.
The Heads of the Methodist Church In Fiji and Rotuma, the largest religious organisation in the country, have decided to publicly support self-determination and freedom for the people of West Papua and now wear special Black and Red ribbons in solidarity.

Photo and information credit to Fiji Times Online

The West Papua struggle for independence from Indonesia is one the church has long supported.

And this latest show of support comes in the same week that Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was hosted by the Pacific Islands Development Forum in Fiji.

"The Methodist Church in Fiji is a committed member of both the Pacific Conference of Churches Secretariat (PCC) and the Fiji Council of Churches," church spokesman Reverend James Bhagwan said.

"As such we support the call for the end of human rights abuses in Tanah Papua (West Papua), for their social, economic and political empowerment and for self-determination.

"We stand in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and children of Tanah Papua (West Papua).

"We have received their cry and we will echo it and speak this truth to power."

He also said they supported the work of PCC on the West Papua issue and looked forward to working in partnership with them to enable self-determination in its fullest sense for the people of Tanah Papua (West Papua).

To all Fiji Church Leaders, thank you very much for your incredible support and compassion for our suffering people.

We continue to encourage and thank all Pacific Churches and all supporters around the world for all the outstanding wave of support we are receiving for this struggle for self-determination and freedom for the people of West Papua.

Thank you all very much

These ribbons and bands are reportedly available from PCC or PANG (PacificNetwork on Globalization) office.

In the picture: Front line .... (from left) Reverends Jeremaia Waqainabete, Immanuel Reuben, Deputy General Secretary Rev Epineri Vakadewavosa and Finance Director Livai Tuisaravere with the ribbons in support of West Papua.

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