Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Comparative religion and

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A wonderful site to visit - and then come back to again and again - is claims to be the world's largest independent faith website.  Won't argue with them because there is a mass of material on the site in a host of categories.  

One could mooch around there for hours. There are also a number of community forums under various headings which provide interaction.  Let's just say that it is like visiting a really good library.  There is a lot of material for the browser and plenty to keep one reading ever deeper. 

The author of this blog has a degree in Religious Studies and is always most appreciative of this topic and commends it to those who are interested in interfaith and in mixing with people from a variety of religious backgrounds. Faith - whether we are dedicated practitioners or otherwise - informs so much of what humans do - whether they realise it or not.  Faith is part of human culture - and, if we are to stop warring, to rid ourselves of racism and bigotry, we need to be informed.  The author's own interest in interfaith matters has been one of great adventure and satisfaction.

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