Monday, 4 September 2017

GAZA : Under siege from Israel --- but still working towards normalcy and improvement in life

We all think this is insane, it has to be stopped. The people are not anybody's card to use in political games.
The electricity in Gaza is everything in this situation. It's the air we breathe and the water we drink, and the beach we go to. No electricity means no air, no water, and no where to go when life turns an ugly face on you.
I promise myself every day that this will get better tomorrow. But it just keeps getting worse and worse with every day.


Empower Gazans Lives .
People in Gaza have been living under of unjust siege for more than ten years .
Electricity crisis is a major one in  Gaza Strip where power failure rate is up from 8 to 12 hours a day .
Allah has given us one of the brightest places in the world and I was always thinking why not taking an advantage of this brightness as an alternative energy. So I decided to start this Project as a solution of Electricity in Gaza .

Over the past years, I have succeeded in installing LED lights to hundreds of homes Here in Gaza. Through this first experiment in solar energy installation that I will Provide; The Solar panels, we will distribute the electricity lines so that we can alleviate the suffering of electricity which is OFF All the time. By such a project, the solar energy will be an alternative for good.

Walid Mahmoud is a Palestinian and humanitarian activist who is working in the humanitarian and relief field to help the Palestinian community. He has a lot of development and relief projects to empower Gazan people. One of these Small Projects is  "alternative energy" to help People overcome the electricity crisis. The LED projects are good examples for such a charity.

Electricity is one of the most important necessities in human life. No one can continue living without electricity. The consequences of power failure in Gaza Strip has caused a lot of problems in all areas of life here.

The Details :
Solar Energy Project, is a project made to use the sun's energy to produce electricity at home. Through this project, 3 homes will be targeted at 100% which will come with the amazing results of the reality of life for these families.
These three houses will dispense the industrial electricity 100%  The families will be able to run electrical appliances As "  washingmachines, refrigerator, water heater, fan, television ... etc "
The cost of solar panels in one home is 2.600 Euro . 
The fund will go for purchasing the solar panels, wires, batteries, power adapters and chargers, and power supply which will be used to produce Electricity from the sun .
 Last April, a  first experiment succeeded in installing solar panels for three houses in  Gaza Strip, and now we re-experiment it because I have received dozens of calls asking for the project. 
To achieve this project and make it successful, to help all children to see and do their homework, to play at night with other children of the same age. Let's help them and make smiles on their faces. Children must be saved from the siege. Thus, I need your financial support or spread this Link with your Friends, Family and others on Social Media.

All special documents will be sent to you via e-mail or via the updates .
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