Saturday, 2 September 2017


As usual, this email is sent "blind copied" to a number of people who have at some time expressed interest in DIN.  This time we have two important requests;

First, we have a special speaker at our next meeting on Monday 11th September at 7:30pm, at the Quaker (Society of Friends) Meeting House.
Jay Lakhani studied theoretical physics and more recently has spoken and broadcast widely about science, "spiritual humanism", and his Hindu perspective.  I am attaching to this email a poster (use the JPG or PNG file formats) advertising what we hope will be a "question and answer" very interesting session.  (One question might well be, what does he mean by spiritual humanism). We would be grateful if you could arrange to display this poster in any local meeting places or schools, colleges that you think appropriate. If you cannot print the poster (in colour), reply to me with your postal address and I hope to post to you A4 sized versions on card.

N. B., a vital request.  We have already given notice of our Inter Faith Week event on Sunday 19th November 12:00 noon at Adeyfield Community Centre.   As part of that event, we want to have stalls (generally on tables) representing as many as possible of the many Faith groups existing in the Dacorum area.  You may remember the public Interfaith event we had in November 2014, with many stalls, with a variety of literature, leaflets, posters, history, symbols and artefacts.  This year we will not be having public speeches about the individual faiths, but the stalls we hope will encourage face to face discussion, with interest to members of the public attending.  The purpose is not to proselytise, but increase mutual understanding. Could you please consider yourself organising, or asking leaders in your faith group, getting volunteers together to provide the material and if possible staff the stall.

I would be very grateful for quick interim responses, not necessarily committing yourself to anything, but registering possible interest, or stating that you have passed the request on to others.  If there are several offers from different parts of the same faith group, I will try to facilitate liaison between them, avoiding obvious duplication but encouraging individuality and diversity wherever that seems appropriate.
Norman Spink - on behalf of DIN

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