Thursday, 21 June 2018

Sanctuary Everywhere. Explore what a Sanctuary Meeting means.

What is a Sanctuary Meeting?

A Sanctuary Meeting is a Quaker Meeting that is committed to:
  1. Joining local initiatives to build a culture of welcome
  2. Building alliances with groups opposing racism
  3. Working with others to change the laws on destitution, detention, deportations and removals.
How a Sanctuary Meeting fulfills the commitments changes from area to area. Actions taken will vary in response to local issues, abilities and passions within the community, and the leadings of the Spirit. Here are some of the things that Sanctuary Meetings are supported to do:
  • Building alliances with migrant or BAME-led anti-racist groups in your area, including by offering room grants.
  • Holding at least one public meeting a year with other local groups, especially people with direct experience of being discriminated against by the border system.
  • Lobbying local politicians. Use our Sanctuary Everywhere Manifesto to inform your demands.
  • Offering accompaniment to people seeking sanctuary in negotiating 'everyday borders' such as healthcare and the education system
  • Assisting campaigns that use direct action to resist deportation.

To read more, please go here.

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