Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sacred Pilgrimage and Devotional Meditation Retreat with Babaji Baldev Singh at Bulandpuri (Spiritual Light House), Pubjab India

Sacred Pilgrimage and Devotional Meditation Retreat with Babaji Baldev Singh

Bulandpuri (Spiritual Light House), Punjab, India. 

March 29 through April 14, 2016


Babaji Baldev Singh welcomes anyone who comes with a true and sincere desire to merge with the Divine, manifest his/her destiny and flower into our true potential to celebrate Life and serve Creation. The most magnificent sweet, loving divine presence flows abundantly here to melt our hearts and tenderly touch each of our cells to blossom into truth and manifest their Destiny.

Come share with us this precious opportunity to visit the Spiritual Light House, Bulandpuri in Punjab, India and sit in meditation and receive teachings from Babaji Baldev Singh who will guide us back to our truth and help us attune ourselves to the Divine so that we may serve others. 

Babaji Baldev Singh is the present embodiedment of a long line of Saints going back to the original teachings of Guru Nanak

He speaks perfect English, since he lived and studied in Canada in his youth. His humility and selfless service are truly immaculate. He spends all his time in service to countless people in many countries who come to him for help, healing and above all, a safe, loving, sweet path to merge with G-D and fulfill their life's purpose.

You may visit him at Bulandpuri Spiritual-Light-House, an ashram-like complex with Temple, school, comfortable and safe lodging facilities, kitchen, etc, in the Punjab, India.
Babaji speaks perfect English. Bulandpuri has all the conveniences to make your stay comfortable, clean and safe. Miguel Kavlin & Carmen Castañeda will be there to host and accompany and take care of you and will also translate into Spanish.

There will be visits to the Golden Temple, Anandpur Sahib and other sacred sites of the Sikh Gurus and Saints. You may also extend and visit, on your own, other sites in North India, Rajastan, Taj Mahal, etc.

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