Sunday, 5 August 2018

Defining Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people

The Editor of this blog is a practising Christian with a degree in Religious Studies. She is also a member of a number of interfaith organisations which she enjoys because she finds it the the spice of life to mingle with so many people of different religious, cultural and political backgrounds. Mutual respect is needed in such social situations.  As well, we need to be prepared to listen, to learn, and - above all - do our best to understand.

So when she received the material which forms the previous post, she sought advice from Jewish friends.  I have now received from AIJAC (Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council) via a Jewish friend the article which is linked below.

Yet whatever missteps there may have been in creating this law, some perspective is in order. The ongoing national project that is Israel, Jewish and democratic, which existed before the passage of the law, continues unchanged. The partnership between Israel’s Jewish and Zionist majority and its non-Jewish and/or non-Zionist minorities will endure – a necessity for both populations, destined to live together in forging a common future.
For now, what is needed is a time for healing, and for the Israeli Government to reassure the country’s minorities through words and deeds that Israel’s laudable recent achievements to improve their welfare and integration in the economic, social and educational spheres will be not only sustained but enhanced. 

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