Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Was Jesus ever a Buddhist?

Below is an excerpt from an article by Brent Lambert and posted in FEELguide.  It poses food for thought.

The author of this blog has often considered for herself the similarities between the teaching of the Tao and the teachings of Jesus and supposed that, somewhere in his lifetime, Jesus had spent time with a Chinese sage.  Then there was my friend who had grown up in Kashmir.  She had told me of the stories there about Jesus, after his resurrection, coming to live there with Mary Magdalene.  Ah, the wonders of good storytelling that grow into never-ending legend.  Now I find this story of Jesus as a Buddhist.

These stories are wonderful to consider but - at the end of the day - they remain unproven.There is something we can do, though.  We can look at the teaching. What does the teaching say.

  • What sort of fruit does it bear? 
  • Does the teaching enhance the human condition? 
  • Do we become more sharing and caring to all? 
  • Do we cease from quarrelling, aggression, murder, and war because of it? 
  • Does the teaching provide liberty for men, women, children and all of creation? 
  • Do we cease fouling and despoiling our planet? 
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