Friday, 14 July 2017

Interfaith meeting in Sydney about housing affordability

The story below is from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission). 

Blog Editor's Note:  When housing affordability becomes the topic of an interfaith meeting, one knows there is a problem beyond deniability.

Pictures below are from ABC News: Siobhan Fogarty
Single mum Nadine Carrick was among 600 people from across Sydney last night who came together to make impassioned pleas for the housing affordability crisis to be tackled.
Ms Carrick, a full-time student studying town planning, said she was paying 70 per cent of her income towards rent.
"We all have a right to this city and to be part of the community and we demand action, for the Government to take action, because what else are they there for?" she said.
Ms Carrick said the cost of living in Sydney outstripped her income by about $200 per week.
"I can't even really afford to run my car at the moment," she said. 
"The priority is a roof over our head, food and some petrol for the car to get around."

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney attended and mingled with other faith groups, single mums, business leaders, trade unionists and former homeless drug addicts.

Magnus Linder, executive officer of Churches Housing and the chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team, said people were deserting Sydney because of the cost of housing and rent.
He said some were foregoing expenses in areas most of us would take for granted.
"People are choosing not to go to the dentist because they have to choose to pay the rent and so they'll just let the tooth rot and fall out," he said.
"Some people are choosing not to eat because they need to pay the rent or make the decision, 'well I'll feed the kids and I'll go without'."

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