Monday, 10 July 2017

Who do we worship? To what are we committed?

Beside The Creek is starting a list and is seeking contributions to extending the list.  Readers will get the gist of the list so far as it is set out below.  The list concerns faith attitudes to money, wealth, and possessions.  If you have additions to the list please forward them to 

The blog editor will decide on inclusion in the list based on relevance.  Beside The Creek admits a bias to faith communities who have a spiritual, community, and altruistic attitude to wealth.  The editor is not keen on the amassing of wealth as a spiritual value - so if this is a significant part of the submission, the editor will need to be convinced of the value of such a principle to include it in the list.  Here is the list to date:

              Five essential Islamic teaching on wealth
              Jewish view of money
              Money matters


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