Tuesday, 6 February 2018

American Christians and their Politicians

One of the biggest challenges for American Christians who embrace the idea that they live in a “Christian Nation” is how to reconcile the very Un-Christ-like things their Government says and does.
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Never mind that there is zero trace of anything Jesus ever taught in any of the foundational documents, including the Constitution.
Never mind that Jesus already is a King who reigns over His own sovereign nation whose citizens are from every tongue and tribe and nation on Earth.
Never mind that the Founding Fathers – even if every one of them had actually been followers of Jesus – went out of their way to establish a Government that was most assuredly anything but “Christian” but instead made provision for the free practice and reverent observance of every religion, or none at all.
All of that aside, those Christians who insist on asserting ever-increasing influence upon the United States Government have a very serious problem: Politicians are lousy examples of Jesus.
For example: The man who is currently the President of the United States claims to be a Christian. Just like the President before him, and the one before him, and the other 40 before him.
Here’s the issue: 
Presidents of Empires are not submitted to Christ.
For that matter, Empires are not submitted to Christ either.

So, when the professed “Christian” leader stands up in front of millions of Americans and boldly contradicts Jesus, it should really concern these Christians.

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