Monday, 12 February 2018

Diversity, Tolerance and Inclusiveness taught in community

Given Up on Going to Church?  
We Understand

If you understand that faith is a matter of mind as well as heart, and that taking the Bible seriously means it cannot always be taken literally... 

If you know that God's love embraces all persons equally, no matter their gender, race or sexual identity... 

If, for you, diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness are strengths to be taught... 

If you believe that the Christ calls us to be nothing less than global citizens, that the social expression of love is justice, and that spiritual concerns are inseparable from commitment to the natural world... 

If you've wished for a more open and embracing community of faith to nurture your spirit and raise your children, and haven't yet found a place of belonging... 

Then we warmly invite you to visit us at: 

The Emerging Church…. originally known 
as the Community Christian Church of Springfield
Dr. Roger Ray, Pastor
For more information call Dr. Ray at (417) 877-7821

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