Monday, 12 February 2018

...the son of the refugee will be a refugee too...

From Walid Mahmoud's Facebook post:

Before 70 years from now, the Zionist gangs occupied the state of #Palestine. It killed and injured thousands as well as migrated millions of innocent civilians from their native land to the neighboring countries.

In each single year, the Palestinians celebrate this sad anniversary with hope to go back to their land. We all know that the son of the refugee will be a refugee too since he is not going back to his original land he was expelled to leave.

So far, my grandfather is 80 and still tells about his immigration from Jaffa to Gaza in 1948. People migrated at that time to live in tents when #UNRWA undertook the responsibility to help and provide the required service for them till the crisis ends. " the Palestinian refugee crisis". Thus, there is no doubt that the mission of UNRWA ends only when the crisis of the Palestinian refugees comes to the end. All the international laws and organizations have undertaken the right of the return for the Palestinians.

Yesterday, one of the grandsons of the refugees set a tent, the same as it was used at that time, on the borders which separate between Gaza and the occupied Palestine. The grandson says that this tent is to make the world about the misery and pain that we are still living as refugees in Gaza strip.
What-so-called Trump, with his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is trying to ignore this crisis.

How come for those who do not know the cause of the Syrian refugees talk about the Palestinian ones?
Muthana Al Najjar مثنى النجار , who set this tent, says this tent is peaceful and carries the stories of millions of the Palestinian refugees, who still believe in their right of return to the occupied.
This world has to know this very well.

I call for everyone who believes in humanity and peace to put the Palestinian cause is his/her priorities. This is my message to the whole world, the Arab and the west.

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