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From The Golden Sufi Center

The Golden Sufi Center
July 30, 2018
Dear friends,
Warm greetings from the golden Summer hills of Northern California.

We have just released two new audio recordings: Journey of the Soul, talks and questions from the June 2018 event with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California; and Spirituelle Stationen des Sufismus (Spiritual Stations of Sufism),talks and questions from the April 2018 retreat with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in Emmetten, Switzerland.

Also available are two new articles by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: The Sacred Space of the Heart in Sufi Journal (excerpt available online, full piece in print issue only),  and A Lover's Journey: A Story of the Sacred Feminine at Heartfulness.org; as well as a chapter he contributed to the recently published anthology, Love: The Ultimate Answer to the Meaning of Life, edited by Nicolae Tanase.

Please feel free to share with those who might have interest.

With best wishes,
The Golden Sufi Center

New Audio: Journey of the Soul

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, June 2018
Mercy Center, Burlingame, California

The first part of the talk explores the evolution of the soul and how it finds meaning in life. The second part describes the esoteric work of giving birth to the soul, or Self, as a living consciousness within the heart of the wayfarer, and the energy and container that is needed for this greatest mystery:
"My heart is light upon light,
a beautiful Mary with Jesus in the womb." 

Part 1: 36 min
Part 2: 27 min
Questions: 15 min

To Order: Single CD $12, MP3 Download $9
For those in UK & Europe: The CD will be available from the UK office starting from the event on August 25th, and from our EU office starting around August 10th.

New Audio: Spirituelle Stationen des Sufismus
(Spiritual Stations of Sufism)

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, April 2018
Retreat in Emmetten, Switzerland

The Naqshbandi Sufi describe numerous spiritual stations on the Sufi Path. In these talks Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee comments on several stations and explains how they help the traveler on the Path to live the inner experiences in the everyday life of a human being.

Die Naqshbandi Sufi beschreiben zahlreiche spirituelle Stationen auf dem Sufi-Weg. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee erläutert in diesen Vorträgen verschieden dieser Stationen und zeigt auf, wie sie den Reisenden auf dem Pfad darin unterstützen, die inneren Erfahrungen als Mensch im Alltag zu leben. 
CD 1: (77 Min.)
Talk 1: Einführung; Wohlgefallen; Rechenschaft; Furcht & Hoffnung, Armut (Introduction; Good Pleasure; Reckoning; Fear & Hope; Poverty)
Talk 2: Wahrhaftigkeit (Truthfulness)
CD 2: (76 Min.)
Talk 3: Wachsame Aufmerksamkeit; Wohltätigkeit; Nähe; Aufrichtige Hingabe; Vernichtung und Verweilen (Vigilant Awareness; Beneficence; Nearness; Sincere Devotion, Fana and Baqa)
Talk 4: Bekenntnis der Einheit; Loslösung; Affirmation der göttlichen Unvergleichbarkeit; Dienerschaft (Affirmation of Oneness; Disengagement; Affirmation of Divine Incomparability; Servitude)
4 talks, egl./dt. übersetzt (in English with simultaneous German translation)
To Order: 2-CD set, available from the EU office only: SFR. 21.-/ EUR 17.-, Bestell - Nr.: LC 113
Or MP3 Download: US $16 

New by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


The Sacred Space of the Heart

Published by Sufi Journal

With simple and powerful imagery, the man the Sufis call the Greatest Shaykh speaks of a space that knows no boundaries or divisions, but belongs to love. For the mystic, for the lover, everywhere is a place of devotion, a place of meeting our Beloved. This world—with its myriad forms, light and darkness, sadness and joy—is a sacred space, a place where love reveals its secrets, where divine oneness comes to meet us. All around us is an unending revelation... Read more at Sufi (excerpt available online, full article in print issue only)


A Lover's Journey: A Story of the Sacred Feminine

Published online at Heartfulness.org

When I was nineteen I met my teacher, a Russian-born woman in her mid-sixties, recently returned from India where she had been trained by a Sufi master. Four years later, sitting in her small meditation group, I met and fell in love with a young woman recently arrived to London from Israel, who was to become my wife. As an intense young man, focused on meditation and aspiring to realize a formless Truth, the Sufi path unexpectedly opened me to the mystery of the feminine, and to the wonder of love both human and divine, formless and tangible... Read more at Heartfulness.org


Love: The Ultimate Answer to the Meaning of Life
edited by Nicolae Tanase

In this recently published anthology on Love, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed a chapter: Meaning and the Song of the Soul.  
About the book: The love molecule, the feast of love, the grand reunion, the song of the soul, the universal force of love, the experience of true love, heartbeats, breath, destiny, chocolates, pure unlimited love, the breath of life, the art of love and faith, eternal light, the gift of unconditional love, remembering the divine source, beloved, Rumi, whispers of the heart, soaring as a soul, the wisdom of the heart, pouring love...... that’s what awaits you between the pages of this book. For Love alone is the Greatest Power.
Available from Amazon.com, or in the UK at Amazon.co.uk
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