Friday, 6 July 2018

NAIDOC Week (July 8-15) - Faithful Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women on the NAIDOC Week journey

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women profoundly shape our lives, our churches and our nation.
As leaders, trailblazers, pastors, theologians, politicians, activists and social change advocates, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women fought and continue to fight, for justice, equal rights, our rights to country, for law and justice, access to education, employment and to maintain and celebrate our culture, language, music and art.
To honour these women, this NAIDOC Week (July 8-15), we are sharing stories from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women who have – and continue to – faithfully serve God, his Church and his peoples in the face of injustice and disadvantage.
Video: Brooke Prentis invites us to NAIDOC Week
This will be a deeply moving week.
You'll hear stories of our mothers, grandmothers, ministry leaders with over 50 years experience, and theologians. You'll see paintings, you'll see videos, you'll be moved, inspired, convicted and challenged.
The theme of NAIDOC Week this year is "Because of her, we can!" That's why throughout the week we're sending daily emails from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women through the Grasstree Gathering and some non-Aboriginal friends of the Grasstree Gathering, as they share about the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women that have inspired them and shaped their lives. The stories of these women will highlight the ongoing work ahead of us as we hear and see the path ahead they've forged for us to follow upon.
Join us as we celebrate the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Christian women who have gone before us, and continue to lead ministries that seek justice, healing and Reconciliation in this land.
Grace and peace,
Brooke Prentis
Aboriginal spokesperson for Common Grace and Coordinator
of the Grasstree Gathering

PS. I've spent the last few weeks connecting with Aboriginal Christian women across the country, as we've put together this NAIDOC Week 2018 series. I can tell you this will be a truly profound week for us all, and I earnestly encourage you to sign up for the journey.

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